Swept Volume Computation

We developed algorithms for computing the volume swept out by moving components for construction planning and disassembly analysis.
One of our projects includes a method for determining the shape of the space available for moving machine parts. A concrete task from one of our industry partners was to compute the precise boundary of the volume swept out by a moving engine. Such motions can be vibrations or caused by disassembly.

Swept Volume / Reachable Set Computation

Video-Swept-Volume The video shows some applications of swept volume computation. One part shows the volume that is taken up by a car engine while it is removed from an engine bay. Another application is the visualization of the reachable space of a car seat.
YouTube Video - Swept Volume Computation

Swept Volume Inspection

Video-SV-Inspection The video shows a tool for real-time swept volume visualization of the disassembly of an engine from an engine bay. This way, the structure of the swept volume can be recognized and interesting regions can be inspected. As there are no pre-calculations required, we can interactively manipulate the swept volume by changes of the motion trajectory or the generator object.
YouTube Video - Swept Volume Inspection