Motion Planning

Find collision-free paths for disassembling parts and visualize tolerance violations

Motion Planning

Video-Planning Automatic computation of collision free (dis-)assembly paths. The video shows the disassembly of an engine from an engine bay. In this way, digital mock-ups are used to determine if parts of a final product can be removed for maintenance. The second part of the video shows how we have used our motion planning algorithm to solve a highly complex metal puzzle. Click to play.

Tolerance Verification

Video-Tolerance The video shows a tool for the visualization of tolerance violations between two moving objects. As an example, we inspect the disassembly of an engine from an engine bay. All parts of the engine that violate a certain tolerance distance are highlighted. It is then possible to inspect the whole path and to identify difficult spots. The tolerance value and the motion of the engine can be manipulated interactively. In the second half of the video, we demonstrate the efficiency of our approach with two dragon models with about 870,000 triangles each. The models are moved interactively by hand. Click to play.